Georgina and Billy

I first came into contact with Spoons when I gave birth 10 weeks early to my gorgeous 3lb3 Billy Boy. We were going through the worst, horrible, scary time and we didn’t know what to expect or what was happening.

A Spoons worker came and had a chat, she came out every week to make sure we as a family knew the support was there for us and she was amazing.

Spoons means a lot to our family, since Billy Boy was born they have been very supportive and understanding. They have also been a shoulder for myself and dad to cry on.

NICU is a very scary place when you have never been in that situation before, for a while it’s hard until you realise how strong and brave your little miracle is, the staff are all amazing the care is unbelievable but all parents will go through some scary, hard, difficult times. But there’s also some good times and huge smiles as your baby gets bigger and stronger.

My advice to other NICU parents would be – stay strong and positive. Also do not be scared of showing your emotions, crying and asking for help and support if you feel the need to. Its ok not to be ok just always try and smile and stay strong and positive.

Billy Baby Billy Smiling Billy