Spoons cost of living report

With interests rates expected to rise again and inflation showing no signs of going down there is a lot in the national news about the impact of the cost of living rise. Particularly for those most vulnerable.

In September last year the national charity Bliss published a briefing about the impact of the cost of living crisis in the national context. This report clearly identified there is a high financial cost to families who are navigating neonatal care.

Early this year Spoons were commissioned by the North West Neonatal Operations Delivery Network to do some scoping worth around financial implications for families experiencing neonatal care in Greater Manchester.

Our findings demonstrated that, depending on circumstances, time on the neonatal unit can incur significant costs for some families. In the context of the cost of living crisis and growing poverty and deprivation this is concerning. Similarly time on the unit can also constrain income. This also matches the Bliss report findings that there is not a consistent or specific point in a parent’s journey where their financial needs are discussed and/or addressed.

We believe parents are best placed to communicate their own needs and, as with all other resources, should be involved in the co-production of financial support offers available through neonatal care. Community-based groups and organisations similar to Spoons, are well placed to bring parents into this conversation.

You can read our full report here Spoons – Cost of living report – May 2023

If you are a parent on the neonatal unit in Greater Manchester and would like some help regarding your own finances please complete our parent registration and one of your team will be in touch