As today marks National Poetry Day we really wanted to share this wonderful poem written especially for Spoons by one of our own NICU mums. It highlights some of the thoughts and feelings experienced by mums on the neonatal unit, and the fears and feelings of loss and grief. What is most important about this poem is the reality that beyond the tubes and wires, the neonatal unit doesn’t stop you being a mummy. It just means being a mummy is different on the neonatal unit.

From One NICU Mum to Another

It doesn’t matter why you’re here, how little or how long

All that matters is you’re here, being brave and strong

In a place so scary, with strangers everywhere

They’re caring for your baby, but you want to give the care

Beyond the beeps, beneath the tubes, the wires in the tummy

There lies your precious baby, and they still need their mummy

Your baby needs to hear your voice, to feel your skin on theirs

And when you feel brave enough, to get involved in cares

It isn’t how you planned it, you’ve every right to grieve

For every missed first milestone, for each night you must leave

But you are still a mummy, you’re never in the way

It doesn’t matter what’s happening, you’ve every right to stay

And when you feel you can’t go on, you’ve given everything you’ve got

Your feeling like a failure, remember that you’re not

You’re doing your best, you’re very best and look how strong you have become

You’re part of an amazing club, you are a NICU mum!!