A letter to all parents on the neonatal unit in Greater Manchester

Dear parent,

Spoons is a charity that supports families on the neonatal unit and in the wider
community. Our charity is led by parents who have all had babies on the neonatal unit. We understand how tough the neonatal journey can be and we know it can feel really lonely. More so at this time of social distancing.
We wanted you to know that we are always thinking of our fellow neonatal families.

In response to COVID-19, we have had to temporarily change the way we offer support on the neonatal unit. Our aim as a charity is to bring families together to support each other and that just isn’t possible to offer face face support at the moment.
However, we are still able to support you and your family. We are part of a whole community of neonatal families who are here to help you through your journey. We have lots of different resources available
for you and your family to tap into. We have taken lots of services online and are trying to make it as easy as possible for you to get in touch.
Hang on in there, you’re doing an amazing job.
With lots of the love Team Spoons x

Challenges of NICU in a Pandemic

Claire and Keely had their baby boy Rowan at 26 weeks just before lockdown and faced some tough challenges during their neonatal journey.
They have shared their story to offer hope and support to other families who may also be facing neonatal care during the pandemic.

Read about their NICU journey here


How we can help

Spoons Facebook Group

We have a closed Facebook group just for parents who have a baby on the neonatal unit. This is a great opportunity for you to virtually meet other parents and read other family stories. We also advertise all our sessions and events to make sure you are up to date.

Our Website Resources

Check out our website to find out what you can expect on the neonatal and find out more about how we can support you:

Spoons WhatsApp Group

We also have a WhatsApp group for parents who currently have a baby on the neonatal unit. This run by our peer support volunteers, and is a chance for you to chat to other parents who are at the same point in their journey and might be on the same unit as you too.

You can join the WhatsApp group by texting SPOONS CHAT to 07920 026 035.

Virtual Support Groups

Each week we will be running a virtual catch up for parents via a video call. These groups are fun and informal and you can drop in and out of them as often as you like. You can find more details about these on our Facebook group, WhatsApp group or by contacting [email protected]

We also have a range of activities available for families.



Mental Health Check-Ins

Having a baby in neonatal care is extremely stressful and sometimes parents can feel
like they are struggling to cope with their feelings. It is completely normal to
experience a range of emotions, and these can vary from day to day. Sometimes it can
help to chat to someone who is not directly involved with your situation.
Spoons work with a trauma therapist who is available to chat to you via telephone or
video call if you feel you need a little extra support. These sessions are fully funded by
us and can be booked by contacting us over the phone or via email. They are
completely confidential and informal and are available at a time that fits around you
being with your baby.

Appointments for this service can be made by contacting [email protected] or by contacting 0300 365 0363.



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