Please note these NICU parent stories contain information that some people may find distressing or upsetting

Some of our parents who have experienced life in neonatal care have kindly shared their experiences with us. We hope you may be able to draw comfort in hearing other NICU parent stories and know that you are not facing your neonatal journey alone.

It is always worth remembering that your baby’s journey is unique to them. Just because one baby may be in a similar situation to yours it doesn’t mean that their journey will be similar.

Spoons has a whole community of parents in Greater Manchester who support one another. Please see a list of our closed parent Facebook support groups:

Spoons closed Facebook parent group

Spoons closed Facebook Dads group

Spoons closed Facebook neonatal bereavement group

You may also be interested in other support resources that are available in the North West

Our family support team are available to help you and your family navigate your neonatal journey

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