There are plenty of ways to raise funds for Spoons. Maybe it’s jumping out of a plane, running a marathon or having a tea party. Whatever works for you will be good enough for us.

Schools and Colleges

Could your school or college host a fundraiser for Spoons? Perhaps we could become your nominated charity of the year? We have lots of ideas and ways to engage with students and their families. Get in touch to speak to one of our team about how we can team up. We can also send one of our team to your school or college to talk to your students about what we do and what happens on the neonatal unit.

Social Clubs & Groups

Social clubs and groups are fantastic at fundraising. If your organisation would be happy to raise funds for us we can come along to one of your meetings and chat about our work. We are also happy to provide fundraising materials and help with publicity. Please get in touch if you would like your organisation to work with us.

Faith Groups

We have been lucky enough to have support from many faith groups in our community and are happy to come and talk to you and your members about our work. Take a look at our events calendar to see what we are getting up to throughout the year.


Fundraising Ideas:

Take a look at some of our tried and tested fundraising events to see if any take your fancy. Don’t forget to get in touch with us; we love to hear what you are doing.

Spoons Tea Party – Who doesn’t love tea and cake? So dust off your china and get your nearest and dearest round for a good old tea party. Raise funds for Spoons while your supping tea and scoffing cake. 

Sports Event – If keeping in shape is your thing then why not sign up for a sporting challenge? Get running, cycling, dancing or even walking. There are lots of organised events to sign up for, or have some fun and organise your own. Don’t forget to get in touch with us for a Spoons sports top.

Cake Sale – Maybe baking is your thing? Then why not set up your own cake sale while making some cash from the cakes.

Going Purple – First of all who likes purple? Well we do! Why not help us to spread even more purple across the country while raising awareness of World Prematurity Day? Organise a Go Purple Day in your school or work place and raise even more awareness of prematurity. 

Messy Play Date – A firm favourite of ours – use your local community centre or school hall and invite the kids for a messy play date. Beans, peas, custard. It certainly sounds messy doesn’t it?  You can charge an admission fee, sell drinks and snacks. Lets just get covered in gloop while raising funds for a good cause.

Quiz Night – Also a crowd pleaser. Probably a good event for your local pub or community centre. Raise even more funds by charging  an entrance fee. Maybe get a prize donated by a local business for the winning team.  

Sweepstake – Get involved with the national or local sporting events and hold a sweepstake with your friends or colleagues.

Cheese and Wine Evening – Get all civilised and hold a cheese and wine tasting evening in your local community centre, local pub or even in your own front room. Charge everyone an admission fee and ask them to bring a bottle of plonk or a slab of the smelly stuff.

Our sponsorship form is downloadable here – good luck! Or you can donate on JustGiving here.