Job Title: Trustee (voluntary)

Start date: 1st February 2024

Closing date: 31st March 2024

Spoons is the only charity in Greater Manchester dedicated to supporting families through neonatal care.

We’re seeking Trustees to sit on our Trustee Board who can make a long term commitment to leading the charity. We are looking for individuals who will use their experiences and skills to support and develop the charity. Someone who will be committed to having a positive impact on babies and families who experience neonatal care in Greater Manchester.

The Board of Trustees are responsible for developing the strategy for Spoons, producing our policies, monitoring our finance and providing overall leadership.

We are looking for Trustees who:

  • Have experience of operating at a senior strategic level
  • Are able to lead and embed cultural change
  • Are willing to use their professional skills and networks for the benefit of the charity
  • Have some experience of policy development
  • Understand and accept the responsibilities of a Trustee

Spoons Trustee Role Description

Spoons Trustee Role Application Form 2024

To apply please complete the application form and send to [email protected]

Successful candidates will be invited to attend an interview conducted by a panel of Trustees in May 2024.

Volunteer Peer Supporters

Job Title: Peer Supporters (voluntary)

Our peer support recruitment is continuous with peer support training sessions held throughout the year.

We would like to recruit parents with lived experience of neonatal care to provide peer to peer support to other families on the neonatal unit.

We are looking for volunteer peer supporters who:

  • Have lived experience of neonatal care
  • Are passionate about supporting families through the challenges for neonatal care
  • Have natural empathy
  • Have great communication skills
  • Can commit to spending at least two hours a week on the neonatal unit
  • Are passionate about Spoons ethos and vision


Spoons Volunteer Peer Support Role Application 2023

To apply for the role of volunteer peer supporter please email your completed application form to [email protected].

Spoons aims to alleviate stress and reduce isolation of families who experience neonatal care in Greater Manchester.

Our values:

  • We value lived experience and all our peer supporters are local with lived experience of neonatal care
  • We are compassionate and responsive to needs of our neonatal communities
  • We work collaboratively with other statutory and not statutory services to ensure our families have access to the most appropriate support
  • We are inclusive and strive to ensure our stakeholders to feel valued , we embrace the differences in our local communities