Jared was born at 28 weeks gestation due to a placental abruption. He was delivered by emergency c-section. He weighed just 2lb 5oz. Jared spent 67 days in neonatal care.

Jared had a few different issues whilst in there. He had Sepsis, a Hernia and Necrotising Enterocolitis, as well as blood transfusions. He was nil by mouth for 7 days and had to have a longline fitted to administer antibiotics. Jared was initially ventilated, then on CPAP and then on low flow oxygen before he was finally oxygen free in time for father’s day 2015. He came home on the 23rd July 2015. On the 5th August 2016 Jared’s actual due date, he went into St Mary’s for a Hernia repair and came home the following day.

Having Spoons there has been great for myself and Will. They are not doctors or nurses, they are parents who have been through the same thing. Having someone there to talk to is so reassuring and valuable. When you go home you are not alone because you have Spoons for advice and a support group where you feel safe.

Spoons it vital for the parents who have a baby in NICU. The support they give is exceptional and they are trying to make the NICU journey a little easier. The makeover in the family room, library, bath packs, Christmas presents, mother/fathers day presents and milestone cards are just a few of the things that they are providing. The most important thing is that as a parent you have always got someone to support you and that is what spoons does.

Jared is 3-years-old now. He is tiny for his age, but has a very big personality. He has Sensory Processing Disorder and is on the Autistic Spectrum but he loves life and he makes us all proud of him every single day.