After 7 years trying for a baby and 2 miscarriages, our 2nd attempt of IVF worked and we found out that we were expecting twins, a boy and a girl. When I was 23 weeks and 5 days I was taken to hospital with a bleed. 

I was admitted to hospital just two days later. Our little boys waters had broken and the plan was to keep them in for as long as possible. I was 30 weeks pregnant when I went into labour. My little lady had become distressed and the doctors decided it was in the babies best interests to take me down the theatre for a section. It was scary but we were so excited that they were finally going to be born safely. Bradley was born at 6:34 am and Bethany 6.35 am. They were so beautiful and tiny, the NICU team brought them to me briefly and they were taken to unit I didn’t know at the time that Bradley wasn’t breathing. The doctors had to make 2 attempts resuscitate him, and 4 attempts to intubate him.

When they were two days old I was able to hold Bethany, it was so scary as she was so tiny but it felt natural. The skin-to-skin allowed me to bond with my baby and also helped my milk come in. Bradley came off the ventilator and onto CPAP. When I held him for the first time he felt so fragile. Bradley had so much intervention, he didn’t like being touched and it was heartbreaking.

Days turned into weeks and they grew stronger. Bethany was sailing through and getting ready to be discharged when Bradley took a turn for the worst. He was diagnosed with Strep B and was transferred to St Mary’s hospital. He was very sick and had to have a lumber puncture, which was very traumatic. I thought we were going to lose him. The nurses and doctors did everything they could to support us and we were able to stay in the accommodation at the hospital, the thought of leaving him was unbearable. This was the hardest time of all, Bethany was in Oldham and Bradley at St Mary’s. I think back and wonder how we got through that time but you just do, you have to for your babies. He started to improve once the antibiotics kicked in and and was able to be transferred back to Oldham after a few days.Weeks went by, Bethany came home and Bradley started to improve. On Boxing Day 2017 we took Bradley home, I’ll never forget that feeling of being able to take both my babies home, after everything we had been through. Both babies have proved to be incredible. After all the obstacles thrown Bradley’s way he fought through everything and Bethany was also a trooper! Now 12 months down the line, my little ones are thriving. Bradley is still on home oxygen but that does not stop him. He is such a happy chappy. Bethany is also doing fantastic. I feel very lucky to have two special miracles.