In response to COVID-19 we have had to adapt the way we support families but we are able to offer you online support via Zoom.

What is Zoom?

Zoom is a free platform that will allow us to stream and video Spoons services and resources to you at home.

Zoom can be accessed through a number of different devices:

  • A browser on your laptop
  • A browser from your PC
  • A free app from your phone
  • A free app from your tablet

What sessions are available online?

Spoons Parent Chat

Baby Yoga (suitable for ages 0-18 months)

Kids Yoga (suitable for ages 3-8 years)

Mental Health Check-in (also available via telephone)

Mindfulness & Meditation Sessions 

How do I attend?

You will find information regarding our online sessions on our closed parent Facebook group. For those who don’t use social media, you can get in touch via [email protected].

You will receive a link for the session, click on the link and this will open a Zoom window. 

You should see yourself in the window and you should also be able to see the host. 

The host of the session will automatically mute everyone arriving to the session to keep background noise to a minimum. You will be unmuted if this is a group chat but please keep your audio off when you are not talking as background noise can get a little chaotic.

Zoom Functions

If you are joining in a group session and you prefer not to be seen (we all have a bad hair day) you can turn your device camera off and contribute via audio-only.

If you are in an interactive class such as yoga you may want to only see the session leader in a large window. To do this on a laptop hover over the host and click on the 3 dots. The word pin will appear, click on this and the host will be in full-screen mode.

To pin your host to the full screen on your phone or laptop you will just need to swipe across until you see your host on the full screen.

We hope you enjoy our sessions.

Love, Team Spoons x