Peer support on the neonatal unit

Most people will be familiar with the term peer support, but what is the value of peer support in neonatal care? For those that might not be familiar with neonatal care, the neonatal unit is a hospital ward which provides intensive or special care for babies. This might be because they have been born early, […]

Spoons Online Support

In response to COVID-19 we have had to adapt the way we support families but we are able to offer you online support via Zoom. What is Zoom? Zoom is a free platform that will allow us to stream and video Spoons services and resources to you at home. Zoom can be accessed through a […]

NHS Saved My Life: the baby born weighing just over 1lb

Edith Madoc-Jones weighed 580g when she was born at just 23 weeks and four days gestation. Her mother, Nicola, had gone into hospital three days earlier, showing the early signs of labour. Doctors at the University Hospital of Wales did everything possible to delay the birth, but said the chances of the baby surviving were […]

Our New Sibling Packs!

We’re thrilled to introduce our shiny new sibling packs. These are available to brothers and sisters of babies in neonatal care at NMGH and Royal Oldham. We think siblings play an important role in the neonatal journey, so we want to provide them with their own special keepsakes and milestone cards. We have also filled […]